Paradox Short Story Contest 2014 - Here are the Winners!

The interest in our Europa Universalis Short Story Contest has been amazing - so great, in fact, that we had to push up this announcement by two weeks. Now we are finally here.
Equally impressive is the quality of the works that you have sent us. We are blown away by the levels of historical insight and writing skills you have shown. Choosing only three of the 100 submissions has been next to impossible. Yet we had to do it, and so we have!
So, without further ado, here are the winning submissions in the Paradox Short Story Contest 2014, in alphabetical order:
  • "Company", by Luke Bean: A masterful depiction of a brutal German history that never was, seen through the eyes of a boy.
  • "Écureuils", by Aidan Darnell Hailes: A moving portrait of a woman in an alternate modern US, showing how history is not just in old books - its consequences affect us all, in everyday life.
  • "The Great Work", by Felix Cook: A thriller take on a plausible yet very different Britain and Scandinavia, a century after a successful Gunpowder Plot.

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