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Gamespy: Europa Universalis IV Preview

“But EU4, in the two or three hours I spent with it, seems like exactly what a sequel should be. It's as if for every nagging issue I have in EU3, everything that never quite made sense, never worked in a fun or interesting fashion, or was just plain annoying, there was someone at Paradox who had the same problem and figured out how to fix it. And when you make those kind of comprehensive tweaks and adjustments across the board, what you have is a bunch of smaller tweaks and improvements that add up to a leap forward. I was reminded of when I traded in my beaten-up old 1997 Toyota Camry for a new sedan. I didn't know how creaky the old model had been, or how good driving could be, until I sat down with the new one.” “Thus, the one sad thing about my time with EU4 is that it marked the end of my love affair with EU3. Even as the session concluded and we reluctantly stepped away from our wars and rivalries, I knew I couldn't go back. For me, the only Europa Universalis comes out this fall.”