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Europa Universalis IV Video Developer Diary Released: Technology

Highly Anticipated Sequel to Emphasize Choice. NEW YORK – February 13, 2013 – You will be leading a global empire later this year. However you can’t build an empire while sticking to the same old way of doing things, and you can’t let your enemies get too far ahead of you. As such, Europa Universalis IV will let you harness centuries of new technologies, ideas and governing styles in pursuit of global dominance. In the new Europa Universalis IV video developer diary, project lead Thomas Johansson introduces you to how this sequel will transform the way you’ve previously researched technology in previous Europa Universalis games.

View the video developer diary here:

View the video at
Within Europa Universalis IV, there is greater attention to player choice, as well as a dramatic change where amassing higher levels of tech will yield tangible weapons, diplomatic ideas, and more, making advancement feel more like an accomplishment.
Following on the success of the critically acclaimed Crusader Kings II, Europa Universalis IV is being developed by Paradox Development Studio and published by Paradox Interactive. The award-winning series has sold over a million copies and redefined grand strategy gaming for a generation. This fourth version of the celebrated grand strategy game, which laid the foundation for Paradox’s worldwide reputation in the strategy genre, will be released in Q3 2013.
For more information on Europa Universalis IV, as well as future updates, be sure to visit the official, and newly launched, Europa Universalis IV website at:
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About Paradox Development Studio - Strategy is our game
Paradox Development Studio is the developers behind successful strategy franchices such as Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Hearts of Iron & Victoria. Their strategy/RPG game Crusader Kings II is critically acclaimed and one of the highest rated games 2012 according to Metacritic. Paradox Development Studio is currently working on the upcoming empire building game Europa Universalis IV.

The studio has been a leading developer of globally renowned, PC-focused strategy games since 1995. Today the Stockholm-based studio is the center of a vast community of fans and modders both, with a reach that spans the entire globe and a strong presence in the United States and Europe.

Paradox Development Studios believes in the power of the sandbox strategy game – a special kind of experience where you set your own goals and decide which tools you will use to reach them. Sandbox games give you unparalleled freedom to create your own destiny and write your own stories. When you play our games, we want you to feel that the fate of the world really does lie in your hands – and only you decide what that fate means. Paradox Development Studios games can be enjoyed solo or multiplayer – up to 32 people can compete, co-operate or conspire in our rich historical games. Paradox Development Studio is also a big supporter of user created content; all of our games can be modded to match your heart’s desire.

Continuing to re-invent and advance each of these, as well as create all-new titles, is just one way the studio keeps it's 500,000+ member community coming back for more. Just as important is the studio's passion for rich strategy, shared by their fans, and their legacy of providing games so deep and challenging that each offers hundreds of hours of gameplay.

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