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Europa Universalis IV Mini-series “Frenemies” Sends Friends to War

Award-winning Strategy Game Seeking Fans’ Rewritten Historical Events for Official Update
NEW YORK — September 19, 2013 — Paradox Interactive, a publisher of games and an admirer of thespians, today released the first episode in a live-action mini-series for Europa Universalis IV, the critically acclaimed empire-building strategy title from Paradox Development Studio. The new series, entitled “Frenemies,” showcases the lengths that ordinary people will go to in order to achieve global conquest in a multiplayer game of Europa Universalis IV, including fragile alliances, brutal warfare, and unexpected diplomatic provisos. Also, someone explains what casus belli means! The first episode is available to watch now:
Europa Universalis IV allows players to rewrite history as they see fit, guiding either tiny, unlikely nations to prominence as global superpowers through cunning and force, so finally Naples can seize control of the English Channel like they always truly intended to. In order to allow players a more direct role in guiding the course of history, Paradox has begun the “Rewrite History Contest” for fans to create their own in-game events and share them with fellow players on the Paradox Interactive Forums. The top suggestions will be selected and officially added to Europa Universalis IV in a forthcoming game update. For full details on the contest, visit
For those who find altering history a bit complex, we've constructed a Beginners Guide to Europa Universalis IV. It can be downloaded free of charge from our fourm:
About Europa Universalis IV 
Your dreams of global domination can finally come to fruition – assuming you don’t mind crushing your friends beneath your ruthlessly expanding empire. Europa Universalis IV is an empire-building game of strategy, cunning, and exploration, featuring 32-person multiplayer gameplay sure to turn enemies into allies, friends into foes, and roommates into the vile, petty despots who threaten your borders. Trade, diplomacy, and open warfare will challenge nations great and small to survive the age of exploration in Paradox’s grandest award-winning strategy yet. 
Strategy fans and ambitious conquerors can purchase Europa Universalis IV now at
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