Developer Multiplayer Stream of Conquest of Paradise Today (12/17/2013)

Find out who's the greatest strategist among the developers of the grandest strategy games at 3.30 pm CET!
Today we're going to let you in behind the scenes as we live broadcast the development teams multiplayer session of Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise!  
We'll start at 3.30 pm CET, and re-broadcast at 6.30 pm CET and 8.30 pm CET. Tune in on our twitch:
What can you expect from the stream?
At the moment we're playing the Beta build of Conquest of Paradise, and it's patch. So expect a mix of the following; 
  • Conquest of Paradise mechanics,
  • Colonialism
  • Coalition warfare
  • So much scheming it'll make your average Crusader Kings II duke nervous.
  • A sofa so the devs and their coalitions can come in a gloat over their targets. 


Here's the full list of players and which country they're playing as: and some more info about the stream: